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Woyzeck Quartet” is a political performance based on Buchner’s ‘Woyzeck’ . A reduced cast of five actors (two Germans and three Greeks) form a post -punk band with an operatic approach in original music score inspired by Alban Berg’s ‘Wozzeck’ and challenge the idea of the European Union.

Texts in performance: G. Buchner’s ‘Woyzeck’, a speech on ‘Economy of the housekeeping’ by Angela Merkel, The messenger of Hessen” (“Der Hessische Landbote”) by Georg Buchner, etc.

Director : Elli Papakonstantinou | Performers: Hendrik Arnst, Adrian Frieling, Argyris Xafis, Photini Papadodima, Tilemachos Moussas | Production: Hellenic Festival of Athens, July 2012 and ODC Ensemble, supported by the Goethe Institute.

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